• 25 minute halves with 10 minute half time
• 30 second huddle clock
• 5 plays after the end of the game
• One time out per team per half = 30 seconds
• Overtime is played with consecutive attempts at a score until one team is in the lead

General Play
• 6 on 6 play
• Possession begins at your own 5 yard line (no kick-offs)
• Four downs to reach the next static first down marker (option to turnover possession on fourth down at opponents 5 yard line – no punts)
• Unlimited passing and running (including QB)
• One man down must snap to the QB
• Immediate rush from beyond the rush marker only (5 yards from line of scrimmage)
• Ball is dead when it hits the ground and is spotted at the point of ball contact (no fumbles, including muff when snapped)
• Player is downed by pulled flag only (player on the ground is still an active player)
• Blocking is allowed ONLY above the waist

  » 5 yards
     • delay of game (replay down)
     • off sides (replay down)
     • illegal rush (replay down)
     • illegal motion – offense only (replay down)
     • offensive holding (replay down)
     • defensive holding (auto 1st down)
     • flag guarding/stiff arm (spot from incident)
     • intentional grounding (loss of down)
  »10 yards
     • tripping (replay down)
     • illegal block (replay down)
     • defensive pass interference (auto 1st down)
     • offensive pass interference
     • un-sportsman like conduct
     • personal foul/roughing

• touchdown (6 points)
• extra point (1 point rushing, 2 points passing) from the 3 yard line
• safety (2 points, ball placed at mid-field)

• Rubber cleats only
• Pinnie required
• Flag required
• No padding (exception for protection of injury)


12 Pre-Season Tips and Reminders

1. Show up early and stretch out. No matter what kind of shape you are in, flag football uses different muscles than you are probably used to. You will be hurting on Sunday if you don't stretch out really well. Especially in the legs and groin area. Start stretching today.

2. Show up early and learn more about the rules. We'll have updated rules posted to our web site, www.flagflagfootball.com later this week and will include them in a supplemental e-mail when they are finalized. New or returning members alike, take a minute to review the rules. We'll also have a brief review of the rules prior to starting the game on Saturday.

3. Show up early and meet people. One of the best things about the football league is the opportunity to meet new people. You can meet the league officers ask questions and get introduced to some returning players.

4. Show up early so we can start right at 10:00. After 4 points of suggesting that you show up early, take it to heart. New people should plan to arrive by 9:15, returning players by 9:30. The games start at 10:00. Don't be late.

5. Bring your completed membership form, league waiver and league dues if you haven't already mailed them. We'll have extra forms to fill out on site, but save time by filling yours out at home. If you don't have the forms they can be downloaded at the website.

6. Bring water, a towel and proper attire. There is no water fountain on site. If it is warm, you will be sweaty. Also, most people typically wear some kind of shorts or workout pants and a T-shirt. We supply colored mesh jerseys, which designate the different teams. Some people wear rubber or plastic cleats, others wear sneakers, whatever you are comfortable with. If you can run well in pumps, those are fine, but metal cleats or spikes are NOT permitted.

7. We play rain or shine. Or snow. Or whatever.

8. We'll play two games each week. Players will be assigned to teams by "counting off" and we'll try to ensure that there is a good mix of returning and new players on each team. We'll use this method for the September games. After the games on September 28, we'll have a draft and assign interested people, who have paid the membership dues, to a specific team.

9. After the game some people traditionally go to Fritz for drinks. Fritz has been quite generous supporting our league with cash donations and allowing us access to thei rwater for car washes.

10. If you are new, please try to make at least one of our three weekends of preseason games so you have an idea of what the league is about before the draft on September 28. Or better yet, come all three weeks.

11. Bring a friend. There is always room for more people.

12. Have fun! We encourage a social and friendly environment and want members to simply enjoy themselves.


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