Organizers' Notes

On this page, I'll add some comments on the games.

The Super-Fabulous-Bowl is but a fading memory as we prepare for a spring season on the gridion. Oh who am I kidding? The Devils With Their Blue Dresses On are still sipping hot apple cider gloating over the flag-whipping they delivered to the stinger-less Yellow Jackets, and those aforementioned Yellow Jackets are still licking their wounds (at least that what it looks like from the spy camera that was installed in Robert's apartment) and plotting revenge...

Notes from 4/7 Game


General Tips

In this area I'll include a list of general tips. I'll add to this list as the season goes on. For example:

Never wear clothes you love more than life itself to a game played with grab-handy people in the mud.
No matter how careful you are, one day someone will grab for your flag and instead turn your fave-o-rite t-shirt into something Jon Bon Jovi (circa 1987) or the Spice Girls(circa 1997) would wear to show off their abs and bad fashion sense. Not that I'm bitter, much.

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